Top Line Stables

Lessons and Training


Riding Lessons

We Offer English and Western Riding lessons for riders of all skill levels and even offer Side Saddle Lessons for the extra Daring or curious riders.  

Lessons are 1hr long and are offered as a group with up to five other riders or private lessons.

We employ a variety of instructors featuring Payton Barber for the Beginner Riders and Paige Taylor for the Advanced and Side Saddle lessons.

Call, Email or Click on HERE to schedule a lesson.

Group Lessons $40  --  Private Lessons $60


3-4 Rides a Week

Call to talk with our trainer about your specific horse and your desired results.  We do an initual evaluation and chat with you about the next step to help your horse and yourself work as a team.  

Training Board -- $1200

Paige Taylor

Hello there!  First let me introduce you to my lovely family!  Oliver (2016) is my adorable little boy who taught me how to be a mother.  He loves helping mommy in the barn and always helps hold and pet the piglets.  Then there is lovely Jayde (2017).  She is a little ball of fun who adores the animals at the farm.  She was born to be a barn girl!  Our beautiful boy Oscar (2019).  He is so joyful and loves riding the ponies.  Last but not least our little boy Julian (2020), he has a true love for animals and loves getting muddy.  Then there is my amazing husband.  Nathan who is always there to support me in my animal adventures and always offers a helping hand when needed. I would not be who I am today with out my family and I am so greatly blessed to have them.

My love for animals is something that I have had since I was a little kid. I remember buying my first horse with all of my saving at age eleven and from then on I was hooked.  I owned, bred, trained and sold horses for the next 15 years and loved every minute of it. I pressed the pause button on everything horses when I had my four children but am ready to start sharing my knowledge with others once again.  I mentored under the legendary Sue Sisco who taught me everything I know and was a forceful horse woman of her time.  I love teaching and make it fun but educational for all my riders.  I teach english, western and side saddle and love working with problem horses with a patient and understanding hand.  

Animals are such an amazing gift and I will continue to care for them and love them for as long as I am able and am excited to teach you how.

Payton Barber

Hello! My name is Payton Barber and I am the founder of Top Line Stables, LLC. Boarding & Breeding Facility.  Along with coaching and training, I am mother of 5 children Chad (37), Joshua (18), Jordan (32) Christian (26), Savannah (22). I am also a Grammie of 6 grandchildren Paige (13), Maycie (12) Gavin (6), Mackenzie (4), Owen (4), and Norah ( 1 week old).

I have earned my accredited certificate through Animal Behavior Institute & Delaware Community College. I hold an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification for Magnawave Practitioner. I will be continuing my education for breeding techniques.

I pride myself on operating a boarding & breeding facility that promotes excellent care, individualized attention and happiness to the horses and boarders. My life-long love of horses, and a desire to share the benefits of equestrian activities prepares an education and training program for both the horse and rider. I focus on making the sport fun for my students and love working with the Minis.  So much can be learned from loving on a Mini while educating children and adults alike on the fine points of handling and grooming.


Equestrian Professional

American Quarter Horse Association